A dog bed can make all the difference as you navigate your morning routine. In recent years, we’ve seen an uptick in anxious dogs, who may go on repeated and unnecessary walks, scratch excessively throughout the day, or even have trouble transitioning back to their home without panicking.

Before you get too overwhelmed, you should remember that dogs can be anxious for numerous reasons, and your dog may simply be reacting to something in the environment. A dog bed may not make a huge difference if your dog tends to scratch or is overly anxious. However, when your dog is reactive and reacts to sights or sounds out of the ordinary, a dog bed can help prevent distress and relieve anxiety.

Do dog anti-anxiety beds work?

The answer to the question above is yes in some cases, but you should be careful when purchasing a dog bed for your dog. While some dog beds have been proven to ease anxiety, you should always be careful against buying anything that will “magically” make your dog calmer.

How does dog bed anti-anxiety work?

Most anti-anxiety dog beds have unique features, such as pressure waves to soothe your dog while they sleep. Other beds may have certain smells that your dog finds calming, and some even provide warmth to help relieve anxiety. If you’re looking for something more natural, consider buying a bed made of cedar chips. Many people have reported their dogs to find the smell of cedar calming.

Dogs can be anxious for numerous reasons, and a dog bed can only help so much. For example, if your dog has never been exposed to a certain sound before and he’s uncomfortable, the bed may not help much. However, if your dog is experiencing anxiety due to something that he’s been exposed to in the past (and this anxiety cycle happens all too often), the bed may help. Case in point: Dog beds that claim to ease anxiety by mimicking the feeling of a mom’s womb. These beds may not be able to handle a dog’s actual anxiety, but they may help during the “calm before the storm” moments.

How to select the right anti-anxiety dog bed?

When searching for an anti-anxiety bed, you should look for one that provides warmth or a substitute for your dog’s mother. Warmth helps provide comfort, and a sense of safety will help ease your dog’s anxiety over time.

If you’re looking for a bed that provides warmth, look for something with a fleece pad or some padding. If your dog is accustomed to sleeping on the bed and feels comfortable, he’ll be less likely to feel anxious during the night.

When it comes to dog beds with so-called anti-anxiety features, it’s important that you pay attention to more than just the stuffing.

When choosing a dog bed, there are several things to consider:

How does it look?

If your dog is anxious, then a very plain and neutral-looking bed may not be the best fit for him. The key to finding the right dog bed for your pooch is to choose something that you can pair with other furniture. Keeping your dog’s bed from competing with other pieces in your room will make it easier for him to feel at ease.

Is it machine washable?

You will want to purchase a dog bed that you can easily clean, and many of them are machine-washable. This will help keep allergens away and make your dog’s bed more sanitary.

Is it durable?

A dog bed needs to be able to hold up against repeated use, and you should remember that your beloved pooch is a living, breathing animal. Even if you’re a dog lover and treat your pup like royalty, things happen. If your dog is big enough to jump on the bed or is a heavy chewer and will be using his bed frequently, look for something that will last the test of time.

What is the material?

Keep your dog’s allergies in mind when it comes to choosing a dog bed. When you’re trying to figure out if a dog bed will fit your pup, you’ll want to pay special attention to the material. Those with sensitive skin, such as dogs with short hair or allergies, will benefit most from hardwoods that are organic and free of chemicals.

— Does the dog bed have a removable cover?

While this isn’t something that you need to absolutely have on a dog bed, it’s definitely something to consider. If you’re dealing with a dog with anxiety, you’ll probably want to be able to wash the bedding more frequently.

Has it been independently tested?

If you buy a dog bed online, one of the most important components is ensuring that it has been properly tested and deemed safe for dogs in its production. This can be hard to determine, but if your dog has been having difficulty and you’re considering buying a new dog bed, it wouldn’t hurt to try and get in touch with the company.

How heavy is the bed?

This may seem minor, but it’s essential to choose a dog bed that your dog can use. If the dog bed is very light in weight, your dog can move it around on the floor and even flip it over. If your pooch has anxiety and you choose a lightweight bed for him, then he may be afraid of being underneath it.


As you can see, anti-anxiety dog beds can make a significant difference in your pooch’s comfort when you’re seeking to keep him at ease. However, as with any product, it’s essential to be realistic about what you’re buying. For example, if your dog has anxiety because he hasn’t been exposed to something before and has no idea what he’s dealing with, then a dog bed that smells like his mom may help very little.