Do you love your dog but worry that it will get left behind if it doesn’t have a distinctive look? Or maybe your pup isn’t particularly vocal and doesn’t have sharp teeth, like some of the more popular breeds. If this is you, then you should consider one of these less-popular breeds. Although there can be certain health risks with each breed, they still make wonderful pets, and their owners absolutely love them!

Below are the least-loved dog breeds:

1. Portuguese Water Dog

This breed may be a little more expensive than others, but the cost isn’t what makes it one of the least popular dog breeds. It is normally very active and will happily do its business anywhere. But Portuguese Water Dogs are quite good-looking and only need to be brushed once or twice a week. They can live about twelve years in some cases.

2. Basset Hound

This hound has had a reputation for being lazy, but that is not true. You may need to frequently remind them to do what they were told, as they can easily forget. But when they are in their work mode, Basset Hounds are almost unstoppable. Although it is considered an old breed, this is actually one of the most popular breeds for showing and competitions.

3. Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhounds are thought of as majestic dogs that attract attention wherever they go. One thing they are not, however, is very social. This is actually a very good thing when it comes to keeping them out of trouble. They just have a lot of energy and need to be taken on an active walk every day.

4. Great Pyrenees

This ferocious beast doesn’t get as much attention as some of the other dog breeds, but it is also one of the most loyal. Great Pyrenees have a deep bark, and will alert their owners to any danger or problem. This breed can travel well and has been known to cross bodies of water by land or by sea.

5. Bernese Mountain Dog

This dog is absolutely majestic but isn’t very active. Sometimes, they even sleep more than they do other dog breeds. They don’t shed much hair but do require a decent amount of grooming. If you live in a cold climate, this might be the perfect pet for you!

6. Toy fox terrier

It is important for owners to know that this breed does have a lot of energy. They would do best with an owner who can give them a daily walk, which will help keep them from being destructive and destructive. Their small size makes them much more prone to getting attacked by other dogs, even if they are neutered or spayed. But this doesn’t mean the dog should be feared, as the sweetest and most loyal dog ever!

7. Schipperke

This dog is great for people who love owning a pet that is easy to care for. Pertaining to grooming and shedding, this breed doesn’t require much more than being brushed regularly. They are very active and need another dog to be friends with. Regardless of their activity levels, this breed still only lives about twelve years on average.

8. Xoloitzcuintli

This dog is also known as the Mexican Hairless Dog. It has a very short life span and only lives about eight years on average. But you can save yourself the time and effort of grooming, as this breed sheds very little. The Xoloitzcuintli is not only cute but also great at companionship and protection!

9. Manchester terrier

This dog is perfect for people who don’t have a lot of money to spend on furry friends. They are also great for apartment dwellers, as they require very little space. They will easily adjust to living in the city and don’t need much attention. Unfortunately, this breed doesn’t live as long as some other dog breeds either. But you can rest easy knowing they won’t shed much while they are alive!

10. Komondorok

This dog is a big sheep-like dog that can weigh in at up to seventy pounds. They don’t need much space, as they are very active and not bothered by other dogs being around them. For a long time, there were many people who thought these dogs lacked intelligence, but that is far from the truth! This breed is also one of the most powerful and muscular dog breeds out there.

11. Otterhound

This dog has a long history. It is thought to have originated from the Roman Empire and always had a reputation as an excellent hound for guarding flocks of sheep. But this breed also does well as a hunting dog, making it very popular in Europe. Otterhounds are expensive to maintain, but you can be sure that they will adapt to any situation.

12. Borzoi

The Borzoi has an excellent disposition. It is calm, and friendly and will not bark unless necessary. In fact, it is one of the most popular breeds for dog shows and only requires minimal grooming. However, there is a serious health problem that some face from this particular dog breed.


We hope you have enjoyed our list of the least-loved dog breeds. One of the best things about these dogs is that they are not loud and make wonderful companions. So if your dog isn’t part of this list, now is the time to start adding more breeds to its family!