When crate training a new pup, it is necessary to put them in their crate at night and keep the door closed until they are fully house-trained. However, when the weather gets warm outside, a blanket can provide much-needed comfort for your pet. But how do you know when it is safe to put a blanket on their cage? That’s what we’re here for today! So sit back and get ready as we teach you everything you need about this controversial issue.

Is it safe to put a blanket over your dog’s crate?

The answer, dependent on the type of blanket, is YES! It is safe to put a blanket over a dog crate. The question really boils down to this: are you using the right type of blanket? For most dogs and their crates, it’s often better to go with something soft and breathable, like fleece. This allows your dog to stay cool in their crate while they are inside, without it getting too stinky and uncomfortable.

What Blankets Can I Use in My Dog’s Crate?

Here are 6 different types of blankets that can be used with a dog crate:

1. Fleece Fabrics and Fuzzy Socks (It’s Best to Avoid Cotton Products): [Polyester and cotton are the safest materials for blankets to use with a dog crate. These fabrics make the air in your dog’s crate dry, and they are also very breathable.]

2. Soft Cotton and Pilling: [Cotton and polyester come with the best safety rating when it comes to covering a dog crate. It is wise to avoid pilled blankets and fibers for your dog’s crate. These fabrics can cause irritation for your pet that could lead to skin conditions or even allergies.]

3. Worsted Wool (e.g., Icelandic wool): [Wool blankets are great for dog crates, but only if you can find them without the loose fibers that can cause irritation to your pet. These blankets are thick and comfy, providing great insulation in a dog’s crate.]

4. Felt Fabrics: [Felt fabrics are on the safe side of the blanket spectrum, but they may not provide enough warmth. Make sure to use this fabric to keep your pet warm while they’re traveling in their crate, not as a replacement for their regular blanket.]

5. Latex/Rubber Fabrics: [Latex and rubber fabrics are a bit more expensive than other blankets, but they are safe to use on a dog crate. It’s really best to avoid synthetics when it comes to covering your pet’s crate.]

6. Polyester: [Polyester is the safest blanket material you can use for your dog’s crate. This fabric is resistant to moisture and bacteria. So, if you’re looking to keep your pet dry and healthy, this is the blanket to use.]

Benefits of putting a blanket on dogs crate

Aside from the safety factor, there are a few other benefits of putting a blanket on your dog’s crate. The first and most obvious of these is that a blanket can provide your pet with some added padding. Some dogs enjoy this extra cushion while they nap in their crate, while others simply like to have something soft to lie on while they sleep.

Another positive is that the blanket will help decrease barking! Dogs bark for a number of reasons, but one major cause is stress or anxiety from being in an unfamiliar place or environment. By providing your pet with a soft and comfortable place to sleep, you can help reduce their stress when they are crated in the house.

Another reason why blankets are important for dogs: some dogs don’t feel comfortable sleeping in their crates alone. Their crate may seem the same size as their previous home, but they feel like they don’t belong there. By adding a blanket to the crate, your dog will feel more at home and less stressed out while they are away from home.

Finally, there is the fact that a blanket can keep your dog warm in the colder months! While this may not be a HUGE concern for pet owners, it’s still an added bonus to keeping your pup warm.

Risks of dog crate blankets

Blankets are safe for your dog as long as you use the right type. There are a few risks and problems that come with using blankets with a dog crate, so it’s important to be aware of the dangerous fabrics.

Cotton: Cotton is a wonderful fabric for many clothing items, but not for your dog’s bedding. This material is extremely absorbent and can wreak havoc on pet skin. Furthermore, you can’t be too careful when it comes to cotton. Oftentimes, it’s more absorbent than usual and sticks to your dog’s fur and skin. Even if you scrub it off easily, this fabric can irritate your dog’s skin.


As long as you don’t use anything too thick or heavy, blankets are safe to use in your dog’s crate. There is really no need to worry about your dog’s safety or health when using these fabrics. It’s best to stick with things like fleece, soft cotton, and wool when you’re looking to keep a dog crate nice and cozy.