So you’ve got a dog. That’s great! Dogs are wonderful pets, and they can be better friends than humans sometimes. But certain things need to be taken care of, like feeding them and giving them water every day. There’s also one very important thing to take care of: your dog needs a bed, or else he will sleep on your expensive sheets with his wet fur for hours at a time.

Reasons your dog should have a bed of its own:

1. Good for Their Health

Having a bed of his own allows your dog to sleep comfortably. Dogs usually like to sleep on soft fur or some kind of surface. Using a pile of rags is one way for a dog to sleep on the floor, but it is bad for your couch or carpet. Using something like a Lazy Boy recliner is good, but dogs use them sparingly.

2. Place to Call Their Own

Dogs like to claim their territory, so they enjoy having a place where they can do it. If you think about it, your dog probably doesn’t want to be in the same room as you. Why would he want to sleep with you when he can sleep in the same room? Dogs are very territorial but need a place to claim their territory.

3. Keep Your Furniture Fur-Free

If you don’t want to worry about cleaning your dog’s hair, you may want to get a dog bed. Dogs don’t always like sleeping on your furniture, so a place where they can sleep is especially important.

4. Encourage Your Dogs to Sleep in Their Own Bed

By getting a dog bed for your dog, you are encouraging your dog to sleep on his own. Dogs are very used to sleeping in their beds because they don’t have many other choices. A place where they can sleep without you or anyone else is important to them.

5. Keep the Dog’s Fur Clean

A dog’s fur gets dirty when it sleeps on the ground, which makes it necessary for a place where your dog can sleep. Dog fur collects dust, dirt, and other things that get stuck in their fur while sleeping. A dog bed is necessary to keep your dog’s fur clean throughout the day.

6. An Opportunity to Learn a New Skill

Having a dog bed is an opportunity for your dog to learn something new. A dog’s main instinct is to sleep on the ground. It’s one of the things they would most likely do if they had an option between sleeping on the ground and sleeping in a bed at that moment.

7. More Comfortable Sleep For The Both  of You

Having a dog bed does more than provide comfort for your dog; it provides comfort for you, too. Your dog gets a place to sleep, which is much more comfortable than sleeping on the couch. Dogs are used to sleeping on beds, so having one of your own will make them much better company.

8. Dogs Like to Feel Secure

Dogs want to feel safe, meaning they want to feel secure where they sleep. Having your own bed makes dogs feel more secure because it is their territory, not yours.

9. Easier to Clean

Having a dog bed can make cleaning up easier. Dog beds are usually easier to clean and keep clean than the floor. You might want to get a dog bed if you want it to be easier for you to keep your house clean without worrying about your dog’s fur all over the floor all the time.

10. Your dog wants it!

It doesn’t matter that you are the master in this relationship. Your dog needs to be happy too.

Why Some Dogs Don’t Like Dog Beds

Some dogs don’t like dog beds. If you have a dog that doesn’t like dog beds, there could be several reasons why your dog is not using the bed.

1. The Size of the Dog Bed Is Too Small

The size of the bed might be too small for your dog. Your dog should be able to stretch out or curl up in its bed comfortably without being cramped or stressed out. A dog that doesn’t like its bed might try to stretch out and come out of the bed.

2. Location of the Dog Bed

Some dogs don’t like a dog bed because of its location.

If it is in the wrong spot, your dog might not feel comfortable sleeping in its bed. If it is in a high-traffic area and your dog feels like they are being watched all the time, it may not want to sleep there. Also, if your dog doesn’t like to sleep with other dogs, he or she might not want to sleep in the same room with another dog that has his own bed.

3. Temperature of the Dog Bed

Your dog may not like their dog bed if it is too hot or too cold. When dogs sleep, they can feel things very well with their senses of smell and touch. If your dog doesn’t like its bed because it is too cold or too hot, it can’t sleep well in it.

4. Comfort of the Dog Beds Material

The material that the dog beds are made out of is important to your dog sleeping. If your dog is not comfortable with the feel of the material of their bed, they will be uncomfortable when they sleep in it. Dogs are very sensitive to temperature and texture, so if they don’t like the feel of their bed, they will not want to sleep in it.

5. The Smell of Their Dog Bed

Your dog may not like their dog bed if it has a smell that your dog does not like. Some dogs have allergies or a bad reaction to some materials that are used for making beds for dogs.


It is very important for you to choose the right dog bed for your pet. If you decide to get your dog a bed, you need to make sure that your dog is comfortable sleeping there. You should make sure that the material of the dog bed is not going to bother your pet, or that it is soft enough so that it does not hurt them when they lay on it. If it is too cold or too hot, they will not be able to sleep well in bed.