Dogs are a part of the family, and we want to ensure they stay safe and warm during the winter. Outdoor dogs can get cold very quickly, so it is essential to take precautions to keep them warm.  Don’t let your pet be the one shivering all day! There are many ways you can keep your pup happy and healthy all winter long. This blog post will give you ten tips, including everything from dressing your dog in personalized sweaters to building a dog house for them to enjoy. 

8 Ways To Keep Your Outdoor Dog Warm This Winter

1. Flannel Sheets

Flannel sheets are a great way to keep your dogs warm in the wintertime. Flannel sheets are hot and can be provided to your dog by a pet store or online. If you want to give your dog its flannel sheet, you can buy a personalized one online.

2. A Dog House

A dog house is another excellent way to warm your outdoor dog in the winter! Building a dog house can be as simple as picking up some wood and nails from the local hardware store, or there are many different designs of wood houses for dogs available on the internet. Make sure your new dog house is built according to the size of your outdoor dog!

3. Walking

Walking your dog is one of the best ways to keep them warm and healthy. Consider walking your dog in a harness and using a leash if they wander too far away.

4. Personalized Sweaters

Trying out self-made personalized sweaters for your outdoor dogs is another way to keep them warm and healthy in the wintertime. If you have leftover fabric, try sewing on a sweater for your pet! If you want something more practical, try picking up a sheepskin blanket. These can be found at any pet store or online.

5. Hot Water Bottles

Similar to humans, dogs are prone to developing arthritis and other health issues when the weather is cold. That’s why having a hot water bottle for your pet is beneficial. Just ensure you fill it with warm water before giving it to your dog!

6. The Blanket Corner

Setting up a blanket corner for your dog will be an excellent way to keep them warm in the wintertime! If you want to create this for your outdoor dog, just lay a comfy blanket or sheet in the corner of their house or kennel. This will give them somewhere cozy and warm to go during the night, and they’ll love you for it!

7. Warm Pet-Friendly Clothing

Warm clothing for dogs is a great way to keep your outdoor dog warm during the winter. You can pick a sweater or winter body suit for your pet this winter. Just be sure it is something that does not limit their movement, as they will still need to exercise in the cold weather!

8. A Dog Jacket

A dog jacket is a perfect way to keep your outdoor dog warm in the wintertime. Most dog jackets have thick padding, and they will help provide extra warmth for your pup! Just make sure to ensure the coat’s measurements are appropriate for your pet.

Can All Dogs Handle The Cold Weather?

Not all dogs can handle cold weather. Certain breeds of dogs, like pugs or Shih Tzu are more likely to get hypothermia. This is why it is necessary to pay extra special attention to these breeds of dogs in the wintertime.

How Do I Keep My Dog Warm?

You’ll need a pet sweater or coat to keep your dog warm. A pet sweater is one of the best ways to ensure your dog stays warm in the cold weather. Just make sure the size of your sweater matches that of your dog!

What Should I Do If My Dog Gets Sick?

1. Keep Them Active

If your dog starts getting sick, consider keeping them as active as possible. This will help improve their circulation and keep them healthy.

2. Keep Them Hydrated

Water is essential for your pet’s health, especially if they start getting sick or are sensitive to the cold. Water helps flush out toxins and can make your pet feel much better! If you have a dog water fountain, try filling it with warm water to keep your pet warm!

3. Bring Them Inside

If your dog gets sick or too cold, don’t hesitate to bring them indoors! Just be sure they are kept in a warm room of the house and that there are no drafts in their favorite resting spots.

4. Give Them a Comfy Pillow

If your dog is sick, give them a nice warm comfy pillow to rest on. This will help make them feel much better!

5. Give Them a Blanket

Feeling cold and sick is not fun for your dog. That’s why giving them a blanket can help keep them warm and cozy during winter. Just be sure to use one that is big enough for them.


Thankfully, dogs can be kept warm during winter. You must ensure you do everything possible to keep them safe, happy, and healthy. The cold weather can be dangerous for your pet, so keep them inside or exercise them frequently. Preparing will help ensure your dog stays healthy and happy all winter!